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Regalia Colors Housing Society – Dwarka

“The colors of nature inspire everything at work”. The Colors Housing Society would have never missed the opportunity and passed it on for some other name to define its vision, ambition and corporate philosophy.

‘Regalia’- We love the Colors of summer, colors of winter and other shades of nature. We offer families to be a part of the land conservation movement. The land the houses are developed upon utilizes natural resources to the last given inch. No amount of land, gigantic or tiny, is wasted due to erroneous architectural or engineering behavior.
We protect the spirit of nature- the Colors, in its truest form.


Pristine Peaceful Living

The Colors Housing Society presents ‘Regalia’- Highly, Affordable Luxurious Living Houses.

Delhi welcomes Regalia. Or, Regalia welcomes Delhi back.

‘Regalia’ nestles in nature. You do not have to compromise on living in a peaceful environment because you happen to live in a metro city. The designing and construction part has been done keeping the families and nature’s best at heart. The parks have been artistically planned to give children and elders an equal chance at enjoying nature in different ways.

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